Part of who I am

Part of who we are and our sense of identity can be hidden depending on how much we reveal about ourselves. Sometimes though, we must stop hiding our identity and be brave and strong about who we are. For instance, I consider myself a spiritual person but I rarely or never talk about it in my journals on here. I have a Bible and I like to study. We don’t live in a world anymore where many people like to hear this. I guess maybe because they are fed up with what some so-called religious people do-maybe the opposite of what they profess.

That is not the case with all spiritual or religious people. Many find it comforting to be spiritual for a sense of mental healing. Some people use Yoga in their sense of spirituality. They say it helps them calm down and have less stress. There are people who find that without something to give them a sense of hope and faith, they would be in a worse situation.

This is something I may talk about more often. You can read as you wish. If you are not interested then you can simply not read those posts. I still will write about frustrations, and other everyday things. I like to talk about life itself and think deeply over things. Some things are spiritual meditations. This type of meditation is not like Yoga but it is a deep reflection over someone or something from the Bible, a real life account or a parable.

Does anyone remember the story of Hezekiah, Jonah, or Elijah? What about others? i hope to share these gems with those who appreciate these people and the lesson we can learn today in our modern world. Yes, it does apply. It takes deep digging and one who wants to do the digging for spiritual things. I’ll be posting more later.

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