I’m here

“Read my words” He said, and He sent many.
But she could not, for her life was busy, and she had too much to do.
“Talk to me”, He said.  And listened for her reply.
But she could not, for she was preoccupied with other things she had to deal with.
“Submit to me” He said, and sent her tasks.
But she could not, for she was so lost.
And she was sad and alone and upset because she thought she had let Him down.
But He realized, and He was ashamed of how He’d been, so He pulled her up onto His lap.  He stroked her hair, gently moved a stray wisp from her brow, kissed her forehead and told her that no matter how busy she was, no matter how lost she felt,  she was never alone.  she need not read, or write, or submit because He always felt her.
And He was always there.

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