productive day.

Today was a nice day. 

Got up at 6AM and worked out until 7:30. Went home, showered, got dressed. Ate breakfast at the cafe in the ground floor of my apartment building. It was pretty good. 

Then headed out to Berkeley and did HW, study group, and studied on my own as well. Spent pretty much the entire day in the library. We ordered pizza for lunch, then back to studying. I left around 5PM. Afterwards I went to the pub with my friend John, we had a few drinks and played pool. Then came home, had my 2nd shower of the day, and face timed my love. 

It was a productive day and I got a lot of stuff done. 

Tomorrow I’m going to go wedding dress shopping, again. Elke and my mom are joining me, along with my fav. cousin Natalia. I have high hopes. 🙂 The wedding plans  are progressing nicely. The guest list is kinda insane, but my family …. I guess it was either elope or invite the entire family because the movie ‘my Big Fat Greek Wedding’ was sooo right about the family dynamic of always being in each others business…..never getting a moment to yourself….except my big fat Russian wedding is probably worse. 

 My fiancé has helped in the capacity that he can for the wedding. He’s in another country,  so he can’t do a lot, but he’s always trying to help and always making the point of asking if I need his help for anything specific. 

Now, its only 9PM but I’m going to bed. I really enjoy waking up early and having a lot to do. Goodnight, everyone.



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