Making Progress

This weekend I have learned two things that can be included in the category of daily living skills. Thay are related to self-care and are ordinary tasks that most people are supposed to learn before they grow up. They are a step forward in my journey to independence.

The first of these things that I learned this weekend was how to iron my hair. This is important for me because my hair has a very unattractive shape that is neither straight nor curly, and it has an awful-looking and frizzy wave on the top. I used to conceal it by wearing upswept hairstyles such as buns and ponytails, but that did not help my look so much. Ironing suits me better. The only problem with it is that I still can’t iron the back of my hair, but otherwise I think I’m doing a decent job with it.

The other important thing I have learned is cooking salmon. I made it for dinner on Saturday and ate it with homemade teriyaki sauce. It was a bit raw in the middle, but I didn’t mind: I like my salmon rare.

In other news, the WhattsApp volunteer group has just been formed and I think they will begin summonning us for work soon. I hope there’s something that I can do well and that allows me to get experience for my new career path. Overall I’m happy with the progress I’ve had lately.

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