My Dear Son & Nephew Issues

It is early Tuesday morning. I just saw my son off to work. He seems to not understand the value of staying on a job and getting use of the ups and downs of working with people of different attitudes. He always want to quit places when people give him a hard time instead of calmly and sensibly standing up for himself. He was bullied as a child all throughout his school years. He is a young man of statue that can easily intimidate another person. I guess I need to keep reminding him to speak up when someone tries to down you. He can come across as simple minded which he is not. He needs to represent himself as strong and intelligent as he is. I guess this will have to be a learning process for him as he lives his life. He goes in to work with a negative attitude daily. He is always looking at the negative. I have told him over and over there will always be people that will try to bring you down no matter where you work. Now he wants to work for a man from his church that has a glass company. He doesn’t know exactly what he is getting into. He should see if this man is going to have him sign papers to say this is an real job. What are the consequences for mistakes if he is driving the company truck. See if he will be insured if anything happens to him on the job. He needs to have things in writing since this is the man’s private business. I need to stop worrying about him. He will have to live in this world without me one day. I can’t be there to keep fixing things for him. I know this. It’s just hard to sit back and see him make mistakes that he is not seeing before they start. Enough of this for today. I need to write a letter to my nephew that is locked up in a Denver jail for murder that in most people’s opinion was self defense. It will be a year come June 1st that this incident happened. His passenger was drunk and attacked him while he was driving on the freeway. The passenger’s alcohol level was way over the limit to the point that he should have been passed out. There was a witness that saw the car out of control on the freeway that late night at 2:30 am. She didn’t speak up until after she saw that my nephew was arrested. She only spoke to the defensive lawyer for some reason instead of the police. If you look up Denver Drive kills passenger you will see the information. Sad that a young man like my nephew that has never been in trouble has to go through this event in his life. He has a beautiful wife and two young sons under seven years old. They are missing their dad big time. He is a very hands on type dad for his son. I have written to him at least two to three times a week since he has been locked up. People in our family don’t go to jail. This is certainly an unusual situation for us. The price for a lawyer is way too much for his parents to afford. Therefore; they have to go through a public defender. I pray often for this to turn out for the best. I feel so much for the family of the man that lost his life also. Life can take you for a loop in a matter of moments. We never know what will be happening from one moment to another. 

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