[503] ~*Fri – 03/22/19*~

[10:51 pm]

It’s already so late and I feel like singing and watching TV shows and reading and arg, I should be heading to bed right now. 

I got home and called my friend as I needed to do the dishes and I talk on the phone when I do my dishes but that turned out into an hour and a half call which I didn’t expect. That said, now it’s late and I didn’t even do anything so I really don’t feel like going to bed cause like I’ve said, I feel like singing and I’d also like to watch a show or two but it’s pretty much 11 pm already.

So work has been, not stressing me but more like, pressuring me. For two days now, we’ve been only two bilinguals in the morning and it’s chaos. My second call took me three hours to work out and they kept coming to see me for me to take calls but I just couldn’t. I feel so pressured and I really don’t like it. I almost wanted to just walk out today. I spoke to two co-workers and told them I was thinking about looking for another job and they really don’t want me too cause they are saying I am good at my job and I am needed. It’s nice to hear but the big guys don’t care. They told me to go see someone and tell them how I felt that they are sure they would do something instead of losing me. Not so sure but we shall see how next week goes cause right now, I’m not too happy. I love my job, I just don’t like the way it’s managed and how they pressure the bilingual people and how we always need to do more than the ones who are english only.

Anyways, my second job is also driving me nuts cause I texted them on Wed to advise that I couldn’t take my Sat client at the regular time as I had to work later this week. I get a text today saying I needed to pick him up at 6 pm when I had told them I was only done work at 6:30 pm. Like, don’t you read my texts?! Then I had told the girl at the office Tue that I could only pick up my client of tonight at 7 pm instead of 6 pm due to me having to work a later shift. At 6:45 pm I get a text asking where I am as I haven’t picked up my client yet. REALLY?! They decide to just ignore what I’m telling them or what?! So annoying. Just like my main job who I emailed HR about my Holiday which they never got back to me. 

So yea.. I’ve been in a pissed off mood but what’s new. Seems like it’s gonna be the way I am this year.

I need to do something fun for once and just put myself into a happy mood again. Looks like I will have to do some singing before heading to bed cause I need to get that pissed off energy out of me.

Mom is coming over in two weeks and I’m hoping we’ll be able to do fun stuff but I’m not too sure what we could do beside seeing movies which she ALWAYS does. I wish she’d enjoy an escape room cause I would totally go for that as I’ve been wanting to do one for ever but I’m not sure my mom would catch on to things and she more than likely wouldn’t enjoy it. I may email them to see if they have anything that isn’t too hard and see from there.

I’m pretty sure I could keep on writing as I feel like writing right now but I should prob get to my singing if I want to be doing that before bed time as it’s super late and I still need to read before I sleep. I was good thought and I’ve already prepared my lunch for tomorrow while I was on the phone with my friend.


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  1. I would be super peeved as well if I’d informed my work of something which they totally disregarded .. one of my colleagues is bilingual and she had the same issues as you are experiencing so she complained to management, especially if you aren’t being paid any extra for your skill in language .. I think it is awesome to be able to speak more than one language .. 🙂

  2. @Reflective_Echo; I am paid a dollar more which I don’t believe is enough for all the extra load we need to take on but it is what it is. At least the weekend was surprisingly more chill.

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