Today would have been my mothers 60th birthday. 

She died in 2012. We hadn’t spoken in 12 years. She was an alcoholic. 

Her death was ruled a suicide, but I think she was murdered. She was found burned up in a car 1000 miles away from where she lives. She was afraid of fire. Not to mention her blood work came back showing she was stone cold sober and ALIVE when she died. How does a person who is has been perpetually drunk for 2 decades, and afraid of fire-Light themselves on fire…oh…and use a bottle of booze as an accelerant? 

I don’t buy it. 

But, she was essentially a vagabond with no family or close friends/relatives to argue other wise. I had to give the Sheriffs office credit, they kept that case open almost a whole year, investigating. Or at least trying to. 

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