[504] ~*Sun – 03/24/19*~

[10:07 pm]

I got home super late last night and didn’t have time to write before bed. I got home, called my mom and talked to her while I was getting things done before bed. I then went to bed and read a lil before sleeping.

I ended up going to a late show with my client so I got home it was almost 11 pm. We went to see Wonder Park which was super cute. My client asked me if we could start going to the movies on Tue’s instead as it is cheap night but I told him no, that it was my day off. He’s asked me before and I’ve told him before but he’s still asking once in a while and it’s a bit annoying. I felt bad to say no to him and then I was scared he wouldn’t want to go out anymore and I would be losing like $250/month if I don’t have him anymore so I started panicking a little. Then I realized that wait a minute, most of the time he ends up going to the movie by himself at least once a week and he NEVER goes on Tue. He mostly goes on Fri which he could totally go on Tue by himself instead and it would come to the same. Next time he asks about changing days, I will mention this as I am not changing for others anymore as this year is about me.

Beside that, work was super quiet which is very rare for a Sat but I surely wasn’t complaining. I’m slowly getting more used to the added work and I’m starting to like my job again. I don’t feel that comfortable cause I still don’t know what I’m doing and have to ask a lot of questions but at least I’m not stressing over it anymore.

Today was also a quiet day at work but it is expected as it is Sun although last Sun was as crazy as a Sat. I ended up doing an extra two hours so that’s good. I could of done three but I would of gotten home too late so I decided to just do two. I wasn’t really gonna do any but I’m trying to take advantage of it when I can. I also lost an hour at my second job on Fri so now it’s covered for with this job. I really don’t mind doing extra hours at my job cause I really don’t see the time go by. I stayed an extra two hours and I really don’t know where those hours went cause in no time it was time to log off. 

I should prob head to bed soon cause I’m already tired but I want to watch an episode of something first and catch up on my farming game.


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