Midnight fantasy

she roused, still in semi-sleep, in that space between dreams and reality.  she almost felt His presence, imagined His hands touching her warm, soft body, standing beside her as she lay sleeping in bed.

“Keep your eyes closed” she imagined him whispering.  she smiled, almost feeling Him lean in and kiss her on the bridge of the nose.  she imagined Him so close, wanting to open her eyes and look deeply into His, but not wanting to break the perfect illusion.

she rolled half onto her front, semi prone, feeling His warm and slightly rough hands dancing up and down her spine.  Caressing, and pressing, calming and soothing, yet exciting at the same time.  His hands moved from her neck, massaging and relaxing, then down below her waist, touching and gently squeezing.  Lifting her hips slightly, she pulled her nightie above her buttocks, wanting to feel His palms on her warm supple flesh.  He rounded his palm to the shape of her bum, giving it a gentle and firm press.  she stifled a moan, not wanted her husband sleeping beside her to sense her excitement. 

His hands glided up her back again, higher up, fingers sliding under her hair, then sliding through it, gripping just enough to tug slightly, possessively taking hold of her in that special way He always talked of.  she felt his fingers working deftly, stroking, holding, guiding, moving strands and locks of her hair.  That had always relaxed her, and she knew how He loved it too.  she imagined Him, almost felt Him, forming a single braid.  she knew why she felt that … that is how He claimed her, and she wanted to feel that again.  Deep inside she wished to be His.

His hands slid down again, gliding over her bum, touching warmly and firmly.  In real time she spread her legs slightly, wanting Him lower, around the curve, to touch her wetness … in reality His wetness. He made her that way. 

she was close to the edge of the bed, she tensed, then sighed as she felt His hot hardness touching her between her cheeks.  she pressing backward, then arched upwards, lifting slightly, wishing He really was there, almost feeling him start to slide inside.  He pressed further, knowing in her semi dream it was her own fingers, feeling Him cup her breast, again knowing it was her own hand.  But it felt so much like Him.

she writhed on the bed, deeply, but carefully so as not to wake her husband.  her body alive, excited, giving herself fully to Him.  Wanting Him.  She felt her wetness seeping out, she was that far gone in rapture.  she struggled to keep quiet.

Then came the imagined command as she sensed her hair braid wrapped tightly in His hand: “Cum for Me.”, and she did in real time, immediately.  Hearing His dream voice echo in her head, she felt the flush, the release, her body convulsing as she spasmed almost out of control.  she whimpered. 

“You okay?” she heard her real time bed partner sleepily ask.

Almost breathlessly she managed to answer: “Yes, go back to sleep.”  And he did.

she felt His hands on her again, calming, soothing.  Imaging again Him calling her His good little girl, His angel.

Soft kisses on the back of her neck as He pulled the covers up, a kiss on her cheek, a gentle touch of her hair, and then she knew He took his leave as she drifted back into sleep, a smile on her lips from a memory not quite real.

She woke up the, loving the dream she had of Him, having felt him so near, almost real.  She knew it never could be, but she still wanted Him in the here and now.  She smiled again, lifting her hands to her face to brush out the stray strands, realizing with a start that her hair was not wild across her pillow, as it should have been, having gone to bed with it loose.  It was in a single braid …

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  1. you really should be a writer. Pretty sure I need to change my underwear now.

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