Getting Active

Yesterday I was finally able to get sufficiently organized to have an active and productive day. I got up early, had breakfast and went to my art class. I came back home for lunch and then went to the gym for a spinning class. Then I returned to shower and spend the afternoon reading and studying a subject called Basic Processes I. I tried to read a particularly difficult and boring text for about an hour, but I hardly made any progress: I spaced out and lost my focus every two minutes and I had to read every sentence about five times in order to process its meaning. But then I checked the syllabus and realized that this particular text was for optional reading. I had already read all the mandatory texts for unit one! I felt relieved and happy that I could now start reading unit two. I will have an exam on both units in two weeks, but the teacher has barely started talking about the contents of the second unit (behavior, conductism, crisis, trauma, normality and adulthood).

In the evening I went to college, where I had the subject I had been studying during the afternoon. The teacher showed us a few videos of Pavlov’s experiments with dogs, Watson’s inhuman experiments with a baby boy called Albert, and Skinner’s experiments with trained birds. It was a pretty interesting class, but the teacher claimed that the best part of the course is what she’ll be teaching us next week. Now I’m intrigued and feel like a nerd because I really want it to be Monday again!

In other news, there was a summoning in the volunteer group for the April 2nd campaign. We are going to go to a public event to raise awareness about autism (I can’t believe the lack of it we have in my country). So I have many things to look forward to and it seems I will have reasons to stay active for the next couple of days.

The featured image is the last painting I finished in the year 2016. It is a “fantasy version” of the bridge painting. I wanted to represent the way I felt the day I saw that bridge. It was my last day in a trip to London; I was traveling by myself and far away from home. I had moments when I felt happy, confident and independent, but there were also times of anxiety, fears and crying. So I painted trees of different lively colors and made the lake into a sea full of ways to show the intensity of the different emotions I had felt that day. I think this picture is still relevant to my life today: I’m still in my journey towards independence, I still have happy, active and confident moments, and I still have awful anxiety-provoked crying episodes. I haven’t changed much in the last two years.

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