[506] ~*Wed – 03/27/19*~

[1:36 pm]

I am out of bed right now but it’s not necessary because I wanted to. One, I needed to pee but I was trying to forget about it and keep sleeping. Two, I think the neighbor is working on his deck so he’s making a lot of noises. Blah! He could of waited for me to be back to work before working on his deck. Why do we have to be so darn close to one another?! Stupid city! I miss where I grew up as houses were so far apart that this wouldn’t happen. Here, you get out and you’re pretty much walking on your neighbor’s property and it’s quite annoying. His deck is basically right against out bedroom so yea. Oh well, nothing I can really do beside maybe move and that’s a whole other story.

I hate spring. The snow is melting, it looks so ugly, and it means that I will need to do some outside work soon enough which I really don’t want to be thinking about as I haven’t even started my inside work yet. I’ve been done with the store for 10 weeks now and I still haven’t figured things out. It’s freaking spring already and that nest is still sitting there in the basement. I just don’t know where the time has gone as I really wanted to get rid of it before spring and now it’s basically too late and I really don’t know what to do. We still have to check the fan in the cold room and the tub in the bathroom. And of course, many more things that are adding up to my list of things to do around the house. I just want to run away.

Speaking of running away, I was just looking at the campground website where me and hub normally go camping and I can’t wait to go. I really hope we will be going again with my mom and friend cause that was a bunch of fun. 

Talking about fun, looks like the escape room place is only open on weekends so all that trouble of wondering if mom would enjoy it for nothing as it’s not even opened on the week day and beside that, mom told me last night that she wasn’t spending the night over in the end, that she would be leaving the same day. Blah! So much for planning a fun day with her. Now I have no idea what we will be doing on that one day.

I’m listening to the noises coming from the neighbor and it’s stressing me a bit cause I know I need to get my own deck done as well and gosh, spring is here and I haven’t even looked at what I would like to get done and my father-in-law wants to do it and I don’t know if I really trust him. I would much rather that he gives us the money and I get someone else to do it cause he did the side steps and he never even finished it and that was years ago. I’m scared he’s going to do a half ass job with the deck as well. I would much rather have someone professional do it. Arg! And like I’ve said, I have no darn idea what I’d want to get done. I thought I did but I don’t know anymore. I just don’t like changes.

I’m thinking of all these things and I’m just putting myself into a depressive mood and just want to go back into bed and stay there until I have to go to work and not be here thinking about all these things. I know I need to start working on these and soon but I just don’t have the darn energy.

I’m currently working on doing the laundry and then I need to get out to go get some shampoo as my hair is disgusting and needs to be washed but I’m out of shampoo. I also need to do a lil grocery but we barely don’t have any money left on our monthly budget so looks like we won’t be able to save up that $200 this month which we were doing so great. Oh well.. 

I know I really shouldn’t be thinking about this but I’m thinking of going to the Casino with hub for supper. Either to the buffet or for some wings but of course while thinking about the food, I’m also thinking about putting some money in a machine which I shouldn’t cause I’ve already lost so much this year. I was doing so very good and now I’m back to wanting to play. Well, this is how I feel when I’m in a low mood which I am right now cause of spring. People get depressed when it’s winter, I surely don’t but I do when it’s spring. Winter to me is the best season cause I don’t need to think about the added outside work that I need to do. I only need to shovel once in a while when there’s a storm and the snow covers all the imperfection of my driveway and lawn.


I really don’t feel like going out today so I may just wait for tomorrow to get my shampoo and grocery. Hopefully my client of tomorrow night won’t be coming out and I’ll be able to get my grocery done while I’m shopping for her although lately she’s been coming out. I guess I shall see tomorrow or how I feel later but as of now, I really don’t want to go out. I don’t feel like getting dress.

I just put away the dishes that were in the dishwasher, cleaned the suggies tray and got some garbage ready for tonight as it’s garbage day tomorrow. I wanted to get all of it ready but I just stopped cause I’m hot and not really in the mood. I just feel blah. I really want to go back to bed but I’m in the middle of doing laundry so I can’t right now.

I forgot to mentioned earlier that yesterday I ended up not doing much as I slept 15 hrs and was still tired last night. Me and hub went to see the movie Us which was okay I guess. I don’t really know why I wanted to see that movie cause they aren’t really my kind of thing but I wanted to see a scary movie for some reason which it wasn’t really a scary movie. It would of been way better if we would of taken my friend with us cause then I could of laughed at her being scared. Haha! I’m so mean but it’s true.

I’m getting hungry but I don’t know if I should make myself something to eat or wait and see if hub will get up soon. I know that if I start making myself something, he will be getting up cause it’s always the case and if I don’t, he won’t be. Bleh!

[5:41 pm]

The day is going by so very slowly and I’m not doing anything, I’m just wasting the day away. Yes I did do the dishes and the laundry but I still feel like I haven’t done a darn thing. I’d want to put away the laundry but hub is still sleeping and I don’t want to disrupt his sleep. I did take a shower, just didn’t wash my hair as I don’t have any shampoo and really don’t want to go out just for that.

I was sorta in a cleaning mood, I took a garbage bag and was about to clean up the counter that has been cluttered since Xmas but I just ended up putting the garbage bag on top of everything and not doing a thing. Bleh! I’ve been watching shows and playing on my phone and I’m just staring to get pretty bored but I don’t have the energy to really do anything.

I’m so lazy right now that I’m craving some ice cream but I’m too lazy to get back up and go get myself some. I wonder if I’ll ever find my energy again.


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