End of the week as we know it

MB got in last night. After a long week of missing him I just….couldn’t any more last night. 

My son decided not to go to soccer last night and I REALLY wanted to go to the airport to meet MB. I even tried to call his mom who was going to be the one to pick him up. But I couldn’t get a hold of her and I ended up just getting myself frustrated. After thinking about it and dwelling on it I decided it wasn’t a good idea any way, I didn’t want to intrude on his reunion with his son and family. I just stayed home.

I called my cell phone company instead. I’d been having some issues with text messaging and the phone being sluggish. After the tech reset a few things my phone was now crashing every few mins. The whole thing was just worse. I finally ended up having to call LG directly and the only solution they could come up with was the dreaded factory reset. 

I (Thought) I managed to put all my info onto my SIM card, but once the restore was complete and I tried to restore it…Nope. Sorry. Not there. Now I have no contacts. What a nightmare. 

PLUS, now I have to go back and put all my settings back to how I like them, and trying to remember how to do that and where all those settings are, so frustrating. 

Not to mention now my phone has been out of service and MB hasn’t been able to get a hold of me to let me know his flight landed. 

I seriously just snapped out. 

I’m too involved. I’m too deep. I care too damn much and that never ends well. 

By the time my phone was back in working order and MB was able to reach me I had build myself a nice little fort around myself where I was planning to stay for…ever. 

I didn’t feel like talking to him. I had a headache from everything. Dealing with my phone, dealing with myself. Dealing with my fort. He asked if we were still on for Saturday and I told him to spend the weekend with his son. 

It’ll be fine. It’ll be good. 

I’ll probably wait til Monday then just end it. 

Cuz that’s how I roll. Solo. I’m better that way. 

One thought on “End of the week as we know it”

  1. I’m glad that didn’t happen. I’m glad MB wasn’t impeded by the walls you put up. You’re worth it.

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