[508] ~*Sat – 03/30/19*~

[10:46 pm]

So, I go to work this morning and first thing when I walk on the floor, this girl is telling this other girl (both co-workers that are my “friends”) about my fear of wind and she starts laughing. I blew up. I told her I didn’t think it was fair I was made fun of and why did this trainer talk about MY fear. She explained that he talked about it cause it was the first time he heard of such a thing and he didn’t ask them to blow in my face, it was them that decided to do it. Still kinda not cool but made me feel much better to know that it wasn’t AS bad as I first thought. I mean, they are my “friends” so I understand why they did it but I thought the trainer made them do it and that was not cool at all. I think I won’t go see the dude in the end unless some other people starts talking about it. 

We had to change the wipers on the car and we bought the same ones that were on my old car which hub just changed last night so when I took the car this morning and saw the wipers, it reminded me of my old car. *Sad* I’m doing pretty good with not missing it too too much but I still miss it and wish I could of kept it.

I went to see Dumbo with my client which was super adorable. I also love the fact that Tim Burton directed this cause I just love his work. I love how his movies are “dark” and it suited Dumbo very well.

There was a trailer of Aladdin and I closed my eyes and tried not too listen cause I really don’t want to see anything about it before I see the actual movie which I’m very scared as Aladdin is my favorite Disney and I’m scared they will screw it up for me. I still can’t wait for this movie to be out and I’m sure I will be watching it over and over again just like I did with the original.

Bleh! It’s already so late and I haven’t done anything and won’t be doing anything as it’s bed time. I need to feed the suggies and then head to bed if I want to read before sleeping. I didn’t sleep all that well last night cause I had a hard time with my breathing and woke up in the middle of the night coughing. This is getting out of control. Seems like it’s been worse since the snow started melting so I really think this is all related to allergies. I take a pill each day but it doesn’t seem to be working all that well anymore. My sinus were also killing me. I wonder if an allergy shot would help. I need to do some research on it and ask the doc cause this breathing thing is just horrible. I went out this morning and got to work and had a hard time breathing.

Anyways, that is some complaining for another time.



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