[509] ~*Sun – 03/31/19*~

[10:12 pm]

I guess I’m back to loving my job cause I was asked to stay an extra two hours again tonight and I sure did and didn’t see the time go. It’s really nice to be loving what you do and I hope it will stay this way. This added work is not too bad once you sorta know what you do. I’m still not where near 100% with knowing what I’m doing but it’s getting better each day.

Hub starts working day time tomorrow and I don’t know how that will go. I don’t want to share my bed. Haha! I’m so used of sleeping by myself that I have no idea how this will go. I’ve also realized last night while I was singing that it was the last night I’d be able to sing as hub will be home in the evening now.

We didn’t save up our $200 this month as we went over by $65. Still not bad considering it was a longer month and really, I did so because I spent $40 on gas tonight as I didn’t want to wait as the gas tax is going up tomorrow so I thought I’d better gas up tonight before it goes up. This is getting crazy. Soon we won’t be able to afford gas. I’m just so glad that I don’t work on the road anymore.

I talked with my mom tonight and she owe like 2k on her tax. That’s crazy! I feel really bad for her and almost wants to tell her to keep her 1k that she owes me for her car insurance but then again, she made 9k more than me in the last year. That’s nuts! I worked three freaking jobs and she still made more than me. So I’m debating on giving her money or not. I guess we shall see how I feel on Tue when I see her. I just can’t believe that she makes more than I do with all the work I do. I told her she could afford what she owed but she’s saying that we are two to make it and she’s one but the thing is, our mortgage is way more than her rent and we are paying two cars and I have a student loan so really it all comes to the same so she’s still making more than me in the end or at the very least, the same. It’s kinda discouraging to think that my senior mom makes more than I do by working in a convenience store and I have a bachelor degree. Damn!

I can’t wait for Casino night tomorrow and I already know I will be spending some of my money. It would be so nice to win for once as I’ve been doing terrible this year. I feel bad for spending the money in the first place but I think I deserve it as I work my ass off. I’ve stayed two extra hours tonight and it wasn’t necessarily for the money but to help out so I can use that extra money I’ve made to have some fun. 

It’s late and I really don’t feel like washing my hair cause I don’t want to have to dry it but I don’t think I can survive another day without washing it. I need to wash it right now or I will hate myself too much tomorrow for not doing it.

Talking about my hair, I still don’t know what I want to do with it and I am due this Tue but won’t be going. I’m hoping I can endure it for another three weeks so then I’ll have enough “hair money” to change it around as she charges $100 to redo the same color or $160 to strip and change color. I save $50/month for my hair so if I wanna change color every time I go, I need to go every three months instead of two which I’m hoping I can do cause I’d like to change it around. I think I will go with the pastels this time. I’m just a bit scared of how it will turn out and I’m not sure about the eraser but only one way to find out and it’s to try it out.

Alright, let’s get that hair washed. Hopefully it won’t look too too bad to where I can deal with it for a while longer. I’ve seen people with worse faded hair than mine so I should be fine. I think that the fact that I am no longer a full time worker helps cause I don’t feel like I need to be as “professional” looking as I used to. I mean, the last time I waited six months to redo my hair and it looked TERRIBLE. I would of never done that when I was a full time worker cause I felt I needed to look “good”.


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