I got an angry call from a family member of mine. 

I have to wake up and get shit from Russia. Why? Do I see any of these people on a daily basis for it to be a concern? It seems like my whole family is going against me because I went against my grandma.

In my family it doesn’t matter if I was in the right and she was in the wrong. The only thing that matters is that I seek out peace with her because she is to be respected at all costs. I was suppose to accept her apology and get over it. 

Ayato didn’t even give me an answer he just said I should invite her if I want, that it didn’t bother him. 

And my stupid cousins sent me a text telling me that I should talk things out with grandma instead of being irrational. The crazy part about all of this is that my cousin lives in Connecticut, but she calls me in California, because our grandma in fucking Saint Petersburg, Russia, called the family over there. 

Stupid old hag, someone really needs to put her in her place. 
But I can only expect to keep getting more shit about it. 

Is it worth it? 
Should I just try to make some sort of bullshit reconciliation? 

Why do I have to take shit from these people? I don’t even see them. Just because we all share the same last name? I’m not talking about my cousins in Connecticut to whom I do have a relationship/bond with. I’m talking about a grandmother that is evil and cold and I have met less than 5 times in my entire life. And uncles and extended family that live across the world , whom I have only met two or three times in my life, and who like to meddle in others business. 

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