Losing my Mind

I don’t know how much of this insanity around my house I can take anymore. I can’t even say my house because it’s my parents house and I’m constantly reminded of that fact. Seems like as I take one step forward I get pushed back 10 one way or another. All I wanna do is have my own space again, just privacy. Come on now I sleep on a futon in my parents living room so there’s no such thing as privacy. I don’t even feel like an adult anymore. My parents mainly my mother treats me like a child and expects me to ask her permission when I want to do anything. My boyfriend is busting his ass trying to be able to get us our own place and I feel like I’m slacking so much on my end and in our relationship.  He tells me I’m the most amazing woman he could ever imagine and it’s hard for me to believe that. I do put everyone before myself and make sure all housework is done and there’s a hot meal waiting for my family when they get home but is that enough, like really enough….I don’t know. All I know the longer I stay at my parents the more I lose who I am 😢. I don’t know what to do anymore besides pray things get easier and get better.

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