[510] ~*Mon – 04/02/19*~

[12:37 am]

I’m going to lose my marbles soon. I’m trying to balance our budget of March and it’s not working out. I’m off by a student loan payment and I totally don’t understand it. I’ve paid an extra payment but if I take it off the money I have in my account, it doesn’t work out cause then I’m over that amount. It’s as if I paid it but didn’t really pay it. I totally don’t understand right now. I don’t know if it’s because I’m too tired but this makes no darn sense to me. I’ve added the extra payment in my budget but then I don’t balance cause I have the amount of the payment extra. I need to make it as if I didn’t have the payment going out to balance things off. This is just too weird and I really hate that it is not “really” balancing and I want to find out why and I just can’t and it’s getting later and later. What am I doing wrong?! I’ve checked my bank statement and the payment was taking an extra time but it just doesn’t want to balance. Arg!

OMG! I’ve finally realized what happened after looking at my bank statement over and over again. This is nuts! Loan payment normally goes out on a Thu but for some reason the week of March 1st, it went out on the Fri which was the 1st when technically that one was meant to be in Feb and not March so really I’ve only made two payments in March and not three like my statement says cause the one on March 1st should of been Feb 28. I don’t understand this at all cause there is two payments that have been taken on Fri’s when it should be on Thu’s then it goes back to a Thu. This is very very confusing the hell out of me but at least I figured it out. Now I need to go fix my budget again. I knew I’d find it eventually and I couldn’t just leave it for tomorrow as this is how I am, I need to fix things right way. I’m just glad I did find it cause this was a very tricky one. 

Alright, budget all fixed. With all that, it’s freaking 1 am now. Arg! I should head to bed as I need to wake up around 10 am tomorrow morning cause mom’s coming over.

I’m pissed at hub cause he worked less than I did today as I ended up staying an extra hour at work and of course I got home and the suggies kitchen wasn’t even washed. I work all freaking day and I need to get home to a dirty kitchen. So not impressed as I know he went to bed late cause I called home when I was done work and he was still up. It just pisses me off cause he gets way with no doing his chore when I can’t as if I did the suggies wouldn’t have food as my part is to feed them.

Plus my allergies have been acting up so badly ever since the snow melted. I want winter to come back. These allergies are just awful and I don’t know what to do anymore. Every morning I have a hard time breathing and my chest feels so tight and at night the mucus is just bothering me so very much and I always need to puke some and it just doesn’t clear my throat. I need to see the doc again and need to see an allergy doc or something cause I won’t survive.

So yea, again, I was asked to finish someone else’s back office work today and that was given to me about an hour before my shift was about to end. That said, I didn’t have time to finish it all and there was no other back office person so I was asked to stay to finish the work. I didn’t have to but me being me, I couldn’t just leave the work unfinished so I stayed an extra hour to get it all done. I really just do too much for this place when everyone else’s just fool around and don’t do any extra work. Me and another guy are just taken advantage of cause we do the work. It’s like, we’re been punished for being good workers. We are paid the exact same as the ones that don’t do anything yet we are expected to do all this extra work load cause we are good workers. This is very unfair. I wish I could be a lazy worker but that is just not who I am but it is really unfair. I feel like I want to speak up and say “Hey, you know me and that dude, we get so much done all the time and all we get is a thank you here and there, couldn’t we actually get a little extra as we work so much more compared to all the other agents that have the exact same pay check than we do”. Wonder if that would get me anywhere. I need to speak to that dude and see what he thinks.

I’m sure I have more stuff to talk about but I really should head to bed if I want to read some before sleeping or else, I will be in a real pissed off mood tomorrow and I don’t want to be as I want to spend time with mom. She said she would be leaving around 4 pm so I guess I can always go back to bed after she’s gone.


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