[511] ~*Thu – 04/04/19*~

[10:18 pm]

I’ve been wanting to write since Tue but I’ve been too busy.

Tue I’ve spent the day with mom which wasn’t enough as she left at 4 pm. I wish she would of stayed the night over cause I miss spending time with her. Our time together was too short and we didn’t get to really do anything. We only went to eat at the Chinese buffet and then we went to Jack’s. I played like $100 but managed to make it back so I left square. After mom left, I did some laundry and ended up going to bed early.

Wed I got out of bed around 1 pm and really didn’t wanted too cause I didn’t wanted to deal with my darn allergies. I really didn’t wanted to go out but had to cause I had my laser apt. I also went to the library cause I needed to print out some paper for hub’s claim. It was his claim and I’m doing all the work cause I know if I don’t he won’t bother and that’s freaking $250. We also went out to the Casino for the buffet and took my friend with us.

This morning I really didn’t wanted to go to work cause of the wind. I hate going out in the wind and it was pretty bad today. I got out and had a hard time closing the door cause of it. I also didn’t put our garbage out cause I knew it wouldn’t stay at the curb. I had the neighbor’s bags all over my front lawn and there was bags in the road everywhere. I’m just glad no one talked about me and my “fear” of wind at work.

My day went okay but I didn’t want to go out for my client cause once again, the wind. I actually wanted to cancel her but didn’t. Me and hub went to Costco after work cause we both needed some pills and ate there. Hub is a big baby and got himself a card for the PlayStation he got a few months ago as he never even opened the darn thing cause he didn’t have any games to play. He decided to get the PlayStation Plus thing instead of buying an actual game as I guess you get two free games per month. That said, not too bad.


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