Staying true

no love is lost. Vibes are gone and reminiscent. Finding the truth was necessary. You were not worthy of my love nor should it have been given so freely. Responsibly falls on both ends. You were the blame for so long before my pride allowed me to find fault in myself. I played the fool for you and you took full advantage. I thought you loved me and I thought you were genuine. Love is blind and my eyes were completely shut. You played with my emotions until i accountability started. You played the victim when you were found out. You won. I lost. My heart was taken for granted and you were eager to drop the load that I placed on you. My feelings weren’t any of your concern. I was always second place. Your best kept secret until you decided that you were tired of me.

Hiroshima. You described me like a bomb. I’m far from that. I’m very much a lover and want no parts in vengeance. I just want your heart. I don’t know why or how you even made me feel this way. Your smile ignited a fire within me and your mind allowed juices to flow. Your intelligence brightened up my day and your positive energy kept me motivated. 

One day you decided that I wasn’t that important and your actions followed. My pride wants to know why I wasn’t good enough but my mind knows that I ever truly had your heart. Your words, I love you, fell on deaf ears. I really don’t believe you. 

You just feel that if you don’t do damage control then I’ll blow up like an atomic bomb. 

The truth is, your not worth that much energy! 

Its funny how I still love you and crave you but I have absolutely no trust for you. I miss you and want to detox all at the same time. I’m not yet over you but time will mend my wounded heart. 


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