[512] ~*Fri – 04/05/19*~

[10:50 pm]

I just had to puke some mucus and I don’t feel so well right now. I’ve started taking that nose spray again on Mon and so far, nothing. It didn’t give me a rash like last time but I was itchy two days ago. I have a different spray that I got yesterday so if I end up reacting to this one, I will try the other one. Hopefully one of these spray will help.

The laser dude I go see for my face told me about this one place that apparently cures allergies. I wonder if such a thing is really possible. I may look into it if this spray doesn’t help out cause I would love to get rid of the mucus situation which seems to be caused by allergies.

Two weeks ago hub went out and got a new mask for his CPAP and I had to file a claim to get the money back from our insurance. I wasn’t sure how to do it so I had called and was told to just send a message with a copy of the receipt which I did. Since I hadn’t had any answers about it this week, I called again and was told this time that I needed to fill in a form and send it which I couldn’t do on the PC as hub had to sign. That said, reason I went to the library on Wed or else, I wouldn’t of went cause I had to walk a good five mins in the rain. Yesterday I got some envelop cause I didn’t have any. Who still mail stuff?! I put all needed in and sealed it and wrote on the envelop and was going to mail it today as I didn’t have a stamp. I ended up looking at the insurance website for fun and of course, they had approved the claim without this paper so I wouldn’t of had to print this and get an envelop in the end. They also put the money in our bank account today. Blah! Glad I didn’t send the paper in the end, saved me a stamp.


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