Axeman comes

I love this Browning Ulu hatchet. It can chop salads like a regular ulu, it can work like a cleaver, it can be an axe to disjoint an elk, bear, or lion, perhaps even cutting wood for a campfire. I’m honestly glad to have it. I like to cook and camp. I think that it will be pretty awesome around the cabin. I actually am growing hops and horse radish for the homestead. There are still 3 owls in the foothills around the cabin. Love to hear from them and the coyotes. The other night 🌙I heard a lion screaming why even Jenny Lind herself could not have been able to sing so well. It was actually beautiful. I am trying to get a mining claim nearby and pan for me some gold. I am a survivor and have a wild ❤ that can’t be broken.

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