Pastor Jeremy Foster – Trials and Trophies

Sometimes we do things that locks up our blessings – then we wonder why we don’t have blessings in our lives. It’s because we are our own blessing blocker. You may love Jesus BUT you don’t trust him. 

If I want to ge tthrough the trial, I have to pray through the trial. I trust him when I can’t track him. 

God will use a trial to grind you, He will use a trial to ground you. And that trial will grow you. Press on!! God will use that hard time to bring about great things in your life. You have to learn to continue, you can’t stop where you are and give up. You HAVE to press on. 

Take your eyes off the trial and look towards the trophy because God is the trophy. Tell Him “no matter what happens I trust you, and if I die in this trial I still win because I get to see you face to face” (What Uncle Mark would always say).

The Lord is my light of my life. Self evaluation is a valuable tool- we don’t evaluate ourselves anymore. You have to start looking at yourself. Your life is a result of the choices YOU made. Where you are right now is a result of the choices that YOU made. Life is all about choices, wrong choices and right choices. But many of us want to blame other people for our wrong choices, not taking responsibility of the choice YOU made not what someone else made for you. God won’t remove stuff from your life that you are content (settling) to live with. At some point YOU have to take responsibility! YOU make a lot of excuses so that you can excuse yourself out of your own poor choices. 

Recognize YOU are your own worst enemy!! A lot of times you make a list, mentally, of what you’re looking for in another person. Whether it’s friends or future spouse. BUT how can you make that list of expections of another person when YOU, YOURSELF, can’t even live up to those expectations?? You need to check yourself first and make sure that you are living what you are expecting!

It’s so easy for you to look at another person and point out how toxic they are and not realize that you, yourself, is as toxic as they are. You have to learn at some point how to recognize that YOU are toxic, you have some poison in you and YOU have to deal with it! You can still love Jesus and still be toxic. You crave the things that you are used to instead of the good things in life. 

Our spirit (our inner being) loves God. But we have the wretched body (outer shell) and our minds are in the middle. Whatever you feed that day, soul or body, will be full. Your spirit is the only part that gets redeemed when you give your life over to the Lord, not your mind or your body. You still have to deal with the lust of the flush and the lust of the eye (mind). You have to keep your spirit in the front seat and your body and mind in the backseat. But when the spirit gets weak the body jumps in the front seat and pushes the spirit to the bac. The more you feed your desires, the stronger they will grow. And the mind doesn’t realize what’s going on so it just goes with it. You have to learn to control your cravings. 

Some of us quit in the process of our trials in life because we get scared and we don’t know what’s happening – Remember when you would dream big dreams, you would believe strongly?But it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to work out. Something happened – what made you quit? What made you walk backwards? What made you stop? It doesn’t matter how far you turn around and walk away because things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to, HE WILL find you and pull you back into his arms. It’s never to late for your to return to the purpose that God has called you to do. Stay in the fight, God has something greater for you then what you’re going through. 

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