[514] ~*Sun – 04/07/19*~

[9:06 pm]

Nothing much to say tonight. I worked, got my pizza, ate and watched a show/played on my farming game. I sorta want to watch another episode of Riverdale right now but I feel really tired. I think I may head to bed after writing and feeding the suggies.


I stopped writing, went and did the dishes. That is so me. Can’t stay in one place. I don’t know how I focus at work.

My mucus suddenly started bugging me so looks like I’ll have to do some puking before heading to bed. A week tomorrow that I started taking the spray and I have no clue if it’s going to help or not. I hope so. I’m so very tired of this mucus.

I think I will ask hub to feed the suggies cause I really don’t feel like doing it and I just washed the dishes when he was supposed to be the one washing the kitchen. I’ve been very lazy these past few days and I’ve been asking him to do both wash and feed but it’s pay back time for all the times I’ve done both. Now that he is here at night, I’m taking advantage of it. Bouhaha!

Alright, time to get ready for bed and go read cause I’m getting tired just sitting here. 


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