[515] ~*Tue – 04/09/19*~

[2:53 am]

I really need to see the doc about my allergies cause this mucus thing needs to stop. I just puked so now I have a hard time breathing. I did take my inhaler so it’s slowly getting better but I’m so very tired of this. I’m not sure if the nose spray is doing anything beside making me itchy. I don’t know if I should keep taking it or stop and wait a week or two and then try the new one. I’ve been taking it at night before bed but I’m thinking that maybe I should take it in the morning instead. I’m also wondering if that allergy pill I’m taking every morning is still helping. Blah! I just want this to stop or at least not be this bad to where I’m back puking every night. Maybe I should look into this place that apparently “cures” allergies.

Beside the allergies, I went to the Casino with my friend today and was it ever a night. I managed to make $20 with my free money so that paid for our buffets which the girl gave me the senior discount so I saved an extra $3. Woohoo! Then while we were waiting on more potatoes, me and my friend both saw that there was a freaking hundred dollar bill on the floor so my friend picked it up and said “finders keeper”. Really?! No one asked about it while we were eating so she changed it and gave me $20 to gamble while she gambled $20. I went and played on a machine but wasn’t really making anything so I took $15 out and went to another machine and took out $100. I didn’t tell my friend cause I made money out of hers and kinda felt bad about it so I decided to not tell her. She had played a bit but only lost $5. We were walking out when I told her I still needed to pee since we had gotten there. She asked if I wanted to go or I’d make it home. I said I’d better go and then told her that this one machine was the lucky machine so of course she put $5 in while I went to the bathroom. I got out and she was in the bonus thing and freaking won $184. I can’t believe it. She was so excited as she never won that much. First she finds the $100 on the floor and then win $184. She gave me another $20 which I lost and she played a $20 but took it back out. That said, she made like $250 tonight. She also gave me $20 for our buffets next week as she doesn’t trust herself with keeping it. So not bad at all. She walked out $250 richer, I $100, our buffets of tonight were free and we already have the money for the ones of next week. If only we could repeat this again, we would be all set.

So yea, that was the excitement of the night. Changed my mood from work. They decided to put certificates on the wall for the people that have prefect attendance which I didn’t have one but didn’t miss a day. I asked work force about it but they were like “I don’t know” so I just thought what ever, it’s just a piece of paper. Today they emailed to say they did a draw for the people that didn’t miss a day for a $50 gift card. WHAT?! Now this is totally unfair cause I wasn’t in that draw and didn’t miss day. I’m not impressed and not happy. At least I’m glad it’s someone that deserves it that won but still unfair. Seems like I’m just very unlucky everywhere (beside the Casino tonight). Maybe that’s why I won the money.

Anyways, it’s so very late and I haven’t read yet. I can’t believe it’s past 3 am and I’m still not sleeping. This means I will be sleeping all freaking day tomorrow. 

I kinda wasted time tonight. Not really wasted but I spent an hour or so looking at things online instead of watching shows/playing on my game. For some reason I started looking at Disney cruises as me and hub want to actually do something for our vacation next year as we never did anything and never even went on a honeymoon and it will be 10 years married and 20 together next year. I’ve been wanting to go on a Disney cruise so I think that is what we will be doing. I was looking at the cruises and they have one for Halloween so I got all excited and that is the one I want. As we will already be in Orlando for the cruise, we might as well go to Disney. It’s going to cost a lot but it’s not like we’re gonna be going again so might as well enjoy it while we are there. I want to stay a few days after the cruise and visit some of the theme parks. I’m so very excited about it right now and it’s only for Sept 2020.

Okay, that’s enough excitement for one night. Time to read which I need to do on my phone as I don’t have the book I want to read. I took two books out last week but one is book 1 and the other one is book 3. I ordered book 2 but didn’t have time to go get it as I worked and I didn’t have anything to read so I found book 2 online so I am reading it from my phone.


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