He/Is Jeremy Foster

He Is/I Am – if you don’t get Him first and you get it flipped by putting yourself first and  God last, you start trying to define yourself without talking to the one who made you. You will seek for something you can never find if you put yourself first and not Him – you’ll look for it in every other area – alcohol, food, drugs, relationships, toxic relationships, lust, etc.. Even in church you’ll get wrapped up in doing things for God and not actually knowing the God you’re doing things for. 

Your identity is found in Christ! 

When you feel like you need to fit into a “crowd” what really is happening is you are afraid of not fitting in. So you give into them. You mold yourself to be like them. So then when you begin to make wrong choices in life, you try and put off how your behavior and choices on to the other people you’re around by saying “it’s not me, it’s the, they put pressure on me”. You are being a people pleaser and you’re trying to do whatever it takes to make them happy. The challenge of people pleasing is some people thinks it’s selflessnes when it’s really selfishness and idolatry (anything that separates you from Jesus) under cover. You start to care about what others think instead of what God thinks. 

God has seen potential in you, he’s placed purpose on the inside of you BUT He is waiting on you to talk to him so that He can tell you who you are. So then you can walk in the identity He predestined you to walk in. You don’t have to listen to everyone else, the only way you figure out who you are is you have to figure out who Jesus is and let him tell you who you are. 

When the enemy says to you that’s an old sin, that’s an old mistake or reminds you of your past and you’ve done it before, so why not again. You can say to the enemy ‘I am new in Christ Jesus because he has made a way!”

We need to back off some things (facebook, instagram, etc…) on our schedules to make time for Jesus. Because of you don’t make time for Him, our identity will be diluted.

Have the people around you been the strength that you need now? Find people who can be the strength for you, spend time with Jesus. Spend time with people who encourage you because it will change everything. It will get the “I Am” on the right side of “He Is”. When the “I Am” is on the wrong side it creates false identity for yourself and for Jesus. 

No matter how young you are or how old you are, your identity will always be challenged until you are in the grave! Some of us are trying to walk into a new season with an old identity. We honor charisma, not character – so we’ll follow somebody that will make us feel good no matter who they are on the inside. 

What is your “I Must”? What is that burning thing that God has placed inside of you? There is a “He Is”, “I Am” and a “I Must” – “He Is” is a statement of Lordship, “I Am” is a statement of Identity and “I Must” is a statement of Assignment. Some of us are not acting on our assignment because we don’t understand our identity because we’ve never gotten the Lordship right. But when you get Him first, everything will fall into place. 

When you start with I am lonely, He Is distant. When you start with I am a sinner, he could never forgive someone like me, I am a failure – He Is dissapointed. When you flip it around and start with He Is my salvation – I am forgiven, He Is my hope – I walk in strength, He Is my father – then you are not an orphan, He has forgiven me; He Is in love with me; He does care for me – I can say no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I am more than a concquerer. I am an overcomer. All things work together for the good of those who are in Christ Jesus and called according to his purpose. HE IS then I AM! 

Start the day with HE IS – faithful, my God, my King, my provider, my salvation, Jehovah Jirah. So no matter what happens in your situation your identity is not tied into what’s happening to you, it’s tied to what’s happening in me. You are a child of God!

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