Need to be wiser about company I keep…..

I try to be a trusting soul. So I had a “friend” do my taxes 3 years ago. Today I received notifications from the state that they are going to garnish my paycheck for 1594$.  I actually have already had my check cut by almost half. Then on my way to return the car I borrowed I get pulled over for no from plate. No big deal, except that cost me 146 dollars I actually don’t have to spend. So there is a real danger of being evicted from my cabin. 

I suppose it is a way to make me to be not so trying to be responsible the good boy, among the friends that I keep.I am the one who would help stop to change the tire for you, lend money to you if you are short, I hate for people to suffer. I don’t drink, don’t use tobacco, don’t use illegal drugs, my only real problem is with caffiene. I love 💘 it.  I even got over a huge sugar addiction. I have lost about half of my body weight. I actually was 456 pounds and now I am at 220 pounds.I am seriously trying to be around 165.  Funny thing is, I still feel like I’m honestly a fat ass. I’m a disgusting fat ass. I am also ashamed of my strokes ( 6 major strokes). I actually just would like to know what is wrong with me. I feel like a damned fucked up man. I feel like I should be hated by people and I deserve to just not be loved.

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