[516] ~*Wed – 04/10/19*~

[2:13 pm]

I’m back to being in a sad mood. I went for my laser last Wed and had to shave on Sat and have to shave again already. I’m pretty sure I normally only have to shave once after going to the laser but yet I have to shave twice so far. This is not good.

I’m currently looking at my left hand and it got some sorta stains on a a finger and on my thumb which I have no clue what it could possibly be. I tried washing my hand and it doesn’t go away. It sorta looks like dry blood but can’t be as I would be able to wash it. I’m trying to think of what I would of grabbed in that hand that could of done this but I have no darn idea. I just want those marks to go away cause I swear it looks like dried blood.

While we were outside with my friend last night, I looked at the bottom piece of the columns on the front porch and I shouldn’t cause now I’m worried about those as they are very rotten. They have been for a while but it’s only getting worse and we should probably think about replacing those. I don’t know if we could only replace the base or if we’d have to replace the whole column. I guess maybe replacing all would be the best bet as bird and squirrel have made holes in the columns one year. Maybe we should change them for plastic ones instead of wood to avoid having to change them again in the future. I just don’t want to think about renovation right now cause I already have so much to get done beside that. I still haven’t even done anything with that darn nest, I think I will just “forget” about it and see what we get this year. We still haven’t looked at the fan in the cold room which we should really do cause without the fan, mildew will grow in there. I don’t even want to go have a look. I would also love to be able to take baths again but I don’t even want to try to replace the gasket cause I’m scared it’s more than just that and I’d have to change the whole tub and I’m so not ready for that much. Just thinking about it is causing some stress so I better stop right now. 

I’ve decided to stop the nose spray I’m taking and wait a week or two before I try the other one. I took it yesterday morning instead of at night and I think it works better but I felt more itchy. I guess by taking it at night I was being itchy while I slept and now I was during the day. I sorta want to keep going with it but then I’m wasting time and could start the new one instead. Blah! I’m not too sure what I should do but I think I’ve decided to stop it and give the new one a try in hope that this one will work cause it was nice not having to puke last night and my mucus wasn’t bad at all so I think taking the spray in the morning could work.

I was surprisingly up at 2 pm yesterday. I did a load of laundry and then went out to Costco which I hate cause we always spend too much there. We spent $180 when all I wanted was cat litter and dishwasher pods. We ended up buying a bunch of chocolate and other things. I still need to go to the grocery store today and get some stuff for the suggies food cause I really need to make them some food.

After Costco, we went to see Pet Semetary which my friend came with us even knowing what we were going to see. Movie was good but now I sorta want to see the original one cause I don’t remember it that much but I know the story isn’t the same. I also have never read the book and kinda want to read it right now as I want to see what the “real” story is from the book. 

I’ve called the head office of the store where I worked to find out what was going to happen with my pension over there and apparently I’ll be receiving paper in the mail at the end of this month with my options. I could totally take the money and put it aside for our trip next year but I think I will re-invest it somewhere.

So me and my OCD, I want to start a new saving account just for the money that we will be saving for our trip. I could totally just add the money to my current saving account but I sorta don’t want to take money out of that one. It’s more of an emergency or future funds. I’m complicating my life for nothing as with a new account I will need to re-adjust my budget sheet to reflect the new account but I think it’s where I want to go. It’s something that should be easy but it’s taking a lot of me to decide if I should open a new one or not. I just want to be able to see our trip saving grow and not have to add and subtract to see how close we are to our goal. 

Anyways, I’m currently doing some laundry and I’m debating on if we should go eat at the Casino. I’m just scared that if we go eat there, I will want to gamble some money. Arg! Maybe I should call my friend and see what she thinks. I had told myself I would take her out less this year but so far, not too bad as she’s been paying for herself here and there. 

I still have to shower and get the garbage ready for tomorrow and of course, make the suggies food but I need to go out and buy the stuff for this one. I have so many other things to do as well, like making appointments but I don’t even know for when to make them. I am due for a pap test this month but I think I will wait until after I make myself bleed cause that is meant to happen in the next week. I also need to make an appointment for my hair for the end of the month although I have no clue what I’ll be doing yet. 

Oh yea, I also need to text the office for my clients of this weekend. I’m glad I just thought about it. I just have way too many things to do. I really need to start a list. 

I feel like I have a lot to do, that I am doing a lot but that I am going no where. Seem that my list isn’t getting any smaller cause every time I take something off, something else needs to be added. I can’t wait for our vacation in May although this is family vacation and not runaway vacation at the campground. 


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