Exams, a Job Interview and Volunteering

It has been more than a week since the last time I wrote here, and many things have happened. I sarted my teaching course, where I’m one of three students (the other two are best friends, which makes me feel awkward because I’m the odd one out). I have also had my first exam at college this Monday. I had studied a lot for it, and I knew how to answer every single question. I think I did well, and I’m hoping for a grade over eight.

As for my job-hunting adventures, the school where I wanted to work has not contacted me. However, I have applied to many other jobs through the internet, and there is one company that called me yesterday. They will interview me today, in just a few hours. The job is in a call center near home. It’s part-time: morning shift only. They were looking for people with a high school diploma, but higher studies were not necessary. I believe the job is mostly about answering the phone and taking orders from clients.

I hope I do well in the interview and finally get a job. However, my mother told me that it’s ok if I don’t get it: there will be dozens of people applying for this job, and it’s hard to compete and win over all of them. I’m glad she’s taking some pressure off me. Still, I’ll do my best to appear pretty, nice and normal in the interview this afternoon.

The last couple of news is related to my volunteering. I’ve participated in the event of April 2nd, in which many different autism and disability-related organizations met in a big park right outside the Congress wearing blue shirts for World Autism Awareness Day. There had been some talk against the color blue, but for many years it was the color that “represented” autism in many countries, and I think it’s hard to change it now just because of an organization that made many questionable decisions and has spread a negative view of autism in the United States. My country’s autistic aommunity shouldn’t have to suffer for this, in my opinion.

This Saturday I’m going to volunteer again: I’m going to a conference/workshop about autism and language development. I will be helping to serve the food in the coffee break, organize the place, bring things from one place to another, etc. And by doing this volunteer work I will be able to attend this event for free!

I have also offered to participate in another volunteer activity called “Saturdays of Friends”. They are meetings for autistic teenagers that happen every Saturday afternoon, and they often go for a wall, do some physical activities, and then sit down and have a snack all together. The volunteers have to go to organize the activities and look after the teens and encourage them to play and interact with each other. I think doing volunteer work will prepare me for my potential future, as I hope to get a job working with people with special needs.

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