[517] ~*Thu – 04/11/19*~

[10:51 pm]

Blah! I ended up not doing the suggies food last night cause I was just too tired and didn’t felt like doing it. I didn’t even go buy the stuff. Hub had went for a nap so I followed him and wasted almost two hours of my day. We then went to the Casino for buffets and I lost $40. Blah me!

I’m just getting overwhelmed as I feel I have so much to catch up on and seems like I’m not getting any closer to having stuff done. At first I was worried about having two days off as I was scared I’d be bored but I surely am not bored right now. I just wish it wasn’t spring yet cause soon enough I will have to think about outside chores as well and I’m having a hard time keeping up with the inside ones. I mainly only do the dishes and laundry and that takes up all my energy. I really hope I will get back on track with things and be able to accomplish what needs to be done. 

As if I hadn’t spent enough when we went to Costco. I went out and did a grocery of $80 as I needed to buy the stuff to make the suggies food. I did my grocery while I was out for my client.

I really didn’t felt like doing the suggies food tonight but was good as I made a batch while hub was cooking supper. I will make the other one on Sat as I am going to the movies with my buddy tomorrow instead of Sat. 

I ate, did the dishes and was pooped. I watched and episode of Riverdale and that’s about it. My laptop is being very slow, I should prob look into formatting it but I’m so lazy. I don’t have much on it that needs saving but a few things here and there. I’ve been saying that I need to format it for years now. Sometime I think going to buy a new one would be easier. 

My body is sore every where and I don’t really know why. My butt is sore from all the sitting. I don’t know how hub does it. Sits at work all day and at home. My bum needs a massage. Haha!

I’m very tired but of course I want to read before sleeping. Hope that I will get a good night sleep since I’m tired.

Before I go, I just want to say that I am thinking of you big bro as it is your Bday today. I miss you. Hope your having a good one where ever you may be. Can’t believe it’s already your second Bday without you. Time surely goes by fast. If you have a moment, don’t forget that your lil sis would like you visiting her in her dreams. 


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