[518] ~*Fri – 04/12/19*~

[10:40 pm]

I need to work on my sleeping cause I’ve been tired these past few days. I need more sleep than what I’m getting but not sure how I’ll be getting it. I work 12 hours a day and I’d need 10 hours of sleep so that leaves me with a lil 2 hours to watch shows/play on my farm and read and get what ever else that needs to be done, done. This just doesn’t sound doable to me. I also love reading too much and if I end up in bed earlier, I just read longer and still end up sleeping at the same time. Blah!

I’ll need to get the other suggies batch of food done tomorrow or at worse Sun. I have my Fri client tomorrow instead of today as the club was closed and I have no freaking idea what I’ll be doing with him. All I want to do is cancel him but I don’t want to lose the money.

I went to see Hellboy with my client tonight which was okay. I believe I fell asleep cause I was just that tired. I’m actually surprised that I’m not sleeping yet.

I got home and finished watching the episode of Riverdale I hadn’t finished last night. I’m now in bed and will read a bit before sleeping.

I had done some things to my laptop during the night in hope that it would help the lagging but it didn’t. It just needs to be formatted and I don’t want to do it. I’ve also been having problem with ads on my phone. I have random ads that pops up and I have no clue what apps does it. I’ve even installed a program to show me the apps that has ads and I have them all blocked but yet I still get ads. Arg!

Hub is a big baby and he asked work if he could go back to working only four days and he may get it. He says he has a hard time with the five days. Such a baby!


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