MB’s ex is getting served with child custody papers today. He is a hot mess over it. 

Our state is not kind to unwed fathers. Here, if you were not married, the mother is automatically given full custody and decision making. Legally, she can just grab the kid and leave the country and she would be backed by the state. Fathers have to jump through hoops to first prove paternity (even if they are on the Birth certificate) then get a court order for visitation.

His son is 9 and he and the ex have never had a legal custody agreement. They broke up about 6 years ago and MB actually had the son the majority of the last few years, until this year the ex got a new boyfriend and decided she wanted to do 50/50 and now they do week on week off. 

Apparently she has been flexing her muscle for the new BF. Constantly threatening to take MB to court, blah blah blah. Refusing to take the kid to sports activities when it’s her week. But then she is also refusing to take him to the Dr when he is sick. Then there was that big tadoo over the weekend where she and the BF were fighting for HOURS and the little guy called his dad, scared and wanting MB to pick him up. 

After that fiasco in which the police were called out, she has been texting the kid telling him that daddy hates her and he can’t tell daddy things, just horrible stuff. 

So, MB finally filed with an attorney. But now he’s worried mom will hold the kid hostage essentially. Which, legally, she can do. 

It wouldn’t be in her best interest at this point. If she suddenly did that no judge would think that cute. But, naturally, MB is terrified. 

I’m trying to be supportive. Trying to help calm him as much as possible. It’s hard when we don’t see each other at all really during the week. He is eating Valium like candy. Which isn’t healthy at all. I told him, This whole process is like vomiting. No one wants to do it, but you feel so much better after you’re done. 

So, she’ll be getting served today and he is a basket of nerves. I told him to be ready for her onslaught. But reminded him he doesn’t have to deal with it, that’s what he pays the lawyer for. 

I feel really bad for him. 


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