day 195

I did schoolwork in the morning. There were some things I had to do and I try to avoid doing everything last minute. I have a presentation in Ship safely class on tuesday and I was preparing a power point presentation for it. And there was some electricity homework I had to do as well.

Mum was working the whole day, so my dad, brother and I went out for lunch and then brought lunch to my mum as well. Dad and I then went to a shopping center where I bought my earphones to return them. Well, not return, but get them fixed. The right earphone stopped working and they are still under warranty, so they have to fix them. The problem is, it will take up to thirty days to do that, which means I will have to use my other pair of broken earphones until then. The reason dad went with me is to do the talking. You see, I got the earphones in Italy and I do not speak italian well enough to be able to communicate with the employee, so he had to talk for me.

My brother and his friends bought a punching bag and they spend much of the weekend drilling it into place. They decided to put it up in our garage (which is not actually ours, we are renting it). They managed to do it, but it is hanging so low they will have to crouch in order to box it. I was surprised to hear what they did, although I am getting used to hearing what new (stupid) idea they had and realized during the week when I return home for the weekend. Yeah, it is great for them to do some exercise, but knowing them the bag will be used twice and then abandoned. But I do not mind it, because I am the one who sells and makes profit with these things after they get bored of them.



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