Sunday April 14th

I had my CPR class yesterday. I forgot to buy this e-card thing at the bookstore prior, so I didn’t know if they would even let me attend the class, but they did. I’m so glad I went, anyway. The email from the teacher had said you must have these 3 things no exceptions, but clearly that was not the case. I will go to the bookstore tomorrow and buy the e-card thing I was supposed to have. 

I didn’t see Noah yesterday. I guess Brent gave him some attention so he didn’t need me. He has his appointment with the voc-rehab guy tomorrow at 1. 

I have been working a little on my eBay stuff. I have sold a few things- it’s definitely slow going. I have 60 active listings right now. I so wish all that shit would sell so I could be rid of it. And the money would be nice, too, of course. I want to be a minimalist, but that doesn’t really go with my decorating style of rustic/country/vintage. There’s several things I own that I don’t love, but I have them because I think they look better than the space would look without them. I’m thinking about getting rid of that giant black shelf when I move. I want to continue to downsize my possessions. I have quite a few books that have no special meaning to me that I could get rid of. 

I need to study all day today. I seem to have trouble finding my motivation these days. I don’t want to do anything- not study, not clean, just sit and waste time watching TV or on Pinterest. I’m not sure what is wrong with me. 

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