Zeus, God, who?

Call me crazy but…. blind faith is a joke… 

It’s convenient to claim that “God” would demand we all ignore our “God given” senses and claim to understand a higher being… 

If “God” wanted us to truly have an option to follow him or not follow him then he would show himself. He wouldn’t demand we all pretend to believe in something we’ve never encountered when our lives are filled with things we can see, touch, smell, hear and taste. How can “God” be real when we have a world filled with things that we can prove with our senses and “God” is the only thing we have no tangible proof of… 

What deity would penalize its potential followers for having a minimum requirement of… idk… Proof?

Modern religion is sickening. 

People are horrific to each other yet claim to be Christian. I’m not perfect, no one is. But I try to do right by people. I try to see view points which are not my own. I don’t judge someone with differing view points until they claim an issue with “morals” because a just and moral person could only believe they way that they do. 

That also makes me wanna Ralph. 

I don’t consider myself a highly educated individual… but I do consider myself reasonable. 

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