My sons soccer team had a tournament this past weekend. Surprisingly they not only made it to the finals, but they won! I was really proud of the team. And so glad to finally be done for the season! It’s been non stop since last May and I’m just burnt out. 

MB is hanging in there as far as dealing with the custody stuff with his ex. I was a bit annoyed with him last night. Since the kids have no school on Friday I offered the ex more time with the kids this weekend. Asked him if he’d like me to bring them Thursday, or earlier Friday. His response was “If he’s not too busy” he’ll take them earlier. And he’ll TRY to get me some child support. -of which he rarely ever pays. And MB seemed to be defending him. 


I have this hemorrhoid that is really acting up. I’m so uncomfortable. It’s been a pain in my ass *literally* since this weekend. I just don’t even want to move. 

I’m cranky today. Likely Martha Monthly’s impending arrival is contributing to my foul mood. 

I hope this day goes fast but I’m sure it won’t. I have Friday off, and short weeks are always the longest. 

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