not a good day

This morning, my parents fight. And my mom kept saying “im tired. have to make breakfast for them. I missed my prayers and i cant breathe bcs of my asthma and no one give me money to do all of that”. My sister hate to hear that bcs of “money”. And she said to me “see, i told you. Go buy your own breakfast” 

i kinda hate this situation in the morning. I want positive vibe bcs im thinking about my work. i repeated it like all the times. My internship place is sucks. I am so depressed with that place. I kinda hate my boss for kept asking me about recruitment.  He said he got enough workers but asked me to find someone to work. When I interviewed that person, he rejected. I am so done and i am so depressed about this. 

Oh Z doesn’t know all of that. I do tell him but not all of them. He need to focus on his tournament. I dont want to burden him with my problems. so yeah. i can handle it by myself. 

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