Possible new job

I am seriously considering this position to get my lifestyle better…..

Candidates for this position must successfully complete the mandatory training requirements for a Corrections Officer. Once hired, you will be required to perform the following physical activities and complete a minimum of 15 repetitions of an exercise; progressing to 50 repetitions by the completion of Phase III of Basic Training. These activities include but are not limited to: 

• Push-ups, Sit-ups, Flutter Kicks 
• Sprints (20 yds.) 
• Running (1 mile) 
• Jumping Jacks, Leg Lifts, Crunches 
• Lifting/Moving (165+/- pound training dummy & 45+/- pound single object) 
• Arm Circles 
• Marching (1 ¼ mile) 
• Kneeling, Bending, Stooping 
• Stretching/Trunk Twists (Defensive Tactics – 32+/- hours) 
• Climbing/Descending Stairs (2 or more flights while carrying 30+/- pound loads/light objects) 

The successful candidate must also be able to physically perform the following activities as a requirement of Basic Training. 

• Military Drills 
• Firearms Certification 
• Impact Munitions 
• OC Exposure (Pepper Spray) 
• CS Exposure (Tear Gas)
• Grenade Toss 
• Immobilization Control Electronic (NOVA) Shield (50,000 volts @ 4 milliamps for 1 to 2 seconds)

Did this in another lifetime ago, being able to accomplish something like this would actually work for me. I’m honestly glad to have some sort of goal to make me work for.


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