Move Out Of The Way – Jeremy Foster

If you plant the seeds of salvation into others God will bring the harvest. We are called to bear fruit! It is our respsonsibility to plant the seeds into our friends and family. If you had the cure for cancer and you did not share it, it would be criminal. We have the cure for hopelessness, salvation! It is our responsibility to share it! 

It can’t be about you! We’ve made it all about our ownselves, all about God blessing only you, all about your life. If God answered all of your prayers, would anyone else’s life be blessed? NO! You can’t just live for you. If you don’t get YOU out of the way you’ll never see HIM. And you’ll never do what he’s called you to do which is reach other people, especially those who are lost!! 

God desires not just a action but a relationship with us. God loves using people who have messed up. Most of the people that God used in the Bible were radically flawed.

Share the test that turned into a testimony with others, especially the lost. We have all of the resources to share the love of God but the challenge is a lot of times we don’t use it the right way. A lot of us use our knowledge of Salvation to fight with one another, instead of using it the way we should, which is to fight for the Kingdom. God doesn’t expect you to save others, that’s His job. It’s your job to be the disciple to spread the word of God. 

Spend time with other believers. Be with others who will encourage you. You can’t share God if you don’t spend time with God. When you do you will find the fruit of the spirit coming out in your life.  GET IN POSITION BECAUSE GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO DO GREATER THINGS THAN YOU REALIZE!

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