Mother’s Day 2019

This year Mother’s Day fell on the last day of March .. my daughter had texted me ‘I’ve got you a couple of bits but is there anything specific you would like’ .. ‘yes, my balcony done and shepherds pie’ .. ‘Lol’ was the response .. my reasoning, I’d been asking her boyfriend to freshen up my balcony with a scrape and a paint since late last year and knowing how my daughter would want to cook, I chose a dish I love but would never make just for me .. ‘you better let your brother know before he books a table somewhere’ going by recent years gone by ..

My son texted me on the Friday .. ‘Im rather busy Saturday and Sunday but want to pop up and put a couple of boxes in the loft, will you be home tomorrow?’ .. hes got to be kidding I thought but replied ‘yes I will be home in the morning’ .. and so he arrived with the biggest bunch of flowers, butterfly card and no boxes .. he stayed a while before asking if I wanted a lift anywhere .. bonus .. he dropped me and my neighbour off at St Johns Wood where we hopped on the underground for a few more stops and a shopping excursion around the capital on a beautiful sunny day ..

Sunday dawned and I spent the day cleaning around the home before my daughter arrived with her boyfriend .. ‘presents first’ she said and handed me a stack of gifts with a heartfelt card .. I opened a sweet little heart pendant embellished with mum and a diamond, gift box earrings included .. a fancy bottle of prosecco, my favourite chocolates and a scented candle, thoughtfully spoilt .. her boyfriend got to work on the balcony whilst my daughter busied herself in the kitchen .. balcony done, shepherds pie made, we sat down to eat and chatted about our forthcoming holiday .. excited chit chat with a homely feeling, the perfect way to end the day on another Mothering Sunday!

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  1. Aaww, your kiddos really came through for you this Mother’s Day!

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