4.5 years where will I be, realistically, where will I force myself to go?

I will be a contractor, working various angles to my advantage, bringing in 100k.  My website will be humming, both as a source of contracts for myself, and advertising money while helping the world get to where it needs to be.

I will weigh 160 with under 20% fat, and I will stay there until 50, hitting my goal and staying there, while increasing cardio and strength, perhaps getting better in the summer, but never going over at the worst of times.

I will be home more, with a great home office but also travelling on my terms to places and businesses I chose to help, sending business for referrals fees to similiar people.  I will have something to make sure my business is not copied, anymore than I will copy what is out there.

We will own a home, and my car will be paid for, we will vacation better, and Aliza will have more control, maybe I can start to save to open a school for her to run, which is where she needs to be she just needs confidence, she will have it by 45.

I will have a best in class computer, vr rig, and home theater that attracts friends and family.  I will be a mixologist.  We will have a yard for 2 dogs and a dog walker, a spare room for people to visit.

We will live in columbus, or Nashville, very close to the heart of the city to be able to go to hockey games, dinner, shopping, my parents will want to come by and spend time with Yoshy and a little one, adopted.

I will have a scooter to ride around town, and we will have a pool, a necessity for aliza in a home.  Townhouse is still not out of the question, but we would like a 3 car garage!

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