He owed a lot to Gabriel, it has been said.  They all say it was he who changed him, he who held the mirror to his face.  And they would be right. 

When looking back on their time together, our Jake Foster could see clearly his mistakes, the falsehoods, the missed opportunities.  He ignored him.  He disregarded his feelings.  He lived only for himself.  Mr. Foster vowed never to repeat this behavior again.  He would listen, take action, and exploit any opportunity to grow and nurture a relationship. 

And so, it was Easter Sunday, and he was off to a play with Paul.  It was not in Jake’s nature to sit for a play, but because of Paul and because of Gabriel, he bought the tickets and went.  He thought of Gabe throughout the performance and thanked him for the lessons he passed, though with much sadness. It seemed unfair to him Gabriel was unable to reap the benefits of his very important lessons.

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