It’s good

Quiet week so far. 

Made it to Wednesday without any crazy drama either at work or at home. 

I got a text message from one of the soccer parents last night but I quickly deferred it back to the coach and told them I am officially retired as Team Manager until next season. (Which is in 3 weeks)

MB will be by this evening with M. They are going to stay the night and then I’ll just bring all the kids with me to school in the AM. My son has running club in the morning tomorrow. So far he is leader in laps and miles. He said after the last session that he was going to be the winner this time around. -Looks like he will be! He made it his mission in life to be the winner! Right now he is leading by 2 laps with 2 days left.

He got his mid term report yesterday. Straight As so far for the final quarter. At the bottom of the form is a space for parents to sign and right in any questions or comments. I of course wrote in some sarcastic paragraph about how the little punk doesn’t apply himself at all and that’d I’d be grounding him for the whole summer for those awful grades. His teacher was already in the clinic this AM laughing about it. 

So that’s that. Nothing going on really at all. 24 student days left at the school. I’m already packing up and getting ready to close the clinic up for the summer. This time of year is really slow in the clinic. It’s good and bad. It’s nice to not be swamped but at the same time it gets boring. I can only file things so many times. 

Once school is out I’m going to start getting stuff done on the house I need/want. I’ll get that outlet fixed that I blew out. And I want to get a new driveway in and extend it. That will be the most expensive purchase. 

I filed for child support finally through the state against my daughter’s dad. I’ve had enough of his nonsense with that. Let the state deal with him. I’ve been more than nice and patient and generous. I’m over it. I don’t owe him anything. i don’t have any reason not to expect him to financially support his children. And There is no reason why I need to support them financially on my own. 

I guess that will progress through the summer as well. We’ll see what happens. 

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