My goodness the clinic has been busy this week. Broken finger a few days ago, busted face today. And then just the normal cycle of belly aches and knee scrapes. All of which seem to have increased a hundred fold in the last week. It’s the end of the year…I feel like I shouldn’t be working this hard. Although, it does make the day go faster and make me feel more useful. 

The ex texted me yesterday to tell me he’s going to be too sick to take the kids this weekend. He said he and his dad, Jerry are both knocking on deaths door and that Jerry was probably going to go to the hospital. Then in the next breath goes into his bullshit rant about what an amazing human being he is and he’s going to go to work in a few min because he is indestructable. 

Naturally, I start to worry about Jerry so I gave him a call. No one has been checking his sugar, he feels awful, thinks he’s going to go to the ER tomorrow, his cell phone is shut off cuz no one will go online and pay it. 

SMH. So, after work I’m heading home and all this is playing on my mind. I called his daughter, Maria but she didn’t seem overly concerned. I’m sitting at the light, preparing to go straight, on to home…but then change lanes and get into the turning lane to his house. I’ll at least check his blood sugar and make sure he is taking his meds. 

Big surprise, deadbeat Ex is at the house…NOT working. Hiding in his shed out back. I check Jerry’s sugar, 160. Not awful. His med box is EMPTY, who knows the last time he even took his meds. I refilled the box, then ordered what needed to be ordered. He looked thin and gaunt but seemed actually in good spirits. Honestly, I think the old man is just depressed. I think he’s miserable there with those boys and was just so happy to see me it brought him out of his funk for a little bit. 

He thanked me profously as I was leaving for checking in on him. I could hear his voice crack…Told him not to hesitate to call me for any reason-and that as soon as I got home I would pay his phone bill for him so if he did go to the hospital he’d at least have his cell phone. 

MB does not like me going over there and taking care of Jerry. Not because he is mean natured, but he thinks (rightly so) that I’m being taken advantage of and that it isn’t my responsibility. He isn’t fond of me hanging around my ex’s house either. He even said “That man is only still alive because you take care of him”. He’s likely right. And the way Jerry was looking, he won’t be alive much longer because I’m not there on a full time basis any more to do it. 

I wasn’t planning on seeing MB until Sat. Hadn’t seen him since Monday. We had an awkward exchange and hadn’t seen or really even spoken to each other much since. Then he sent me a pic of him and his son and I just couldn’t do it any more and asked him to come to me. 

He hasn’t been feeling well, but he came. I was so glad. I’d missed him so much. Missed being in his arms, missed his lips on mine. I fell asleep in his arms last night with my head and my hand on his chest. So happy to be wrapped back up with him. I miss him today. 

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  1. Maybe you are being taken advantage of, but I think you do need to take car of Jerry. He’s not the one taking advantage, and you’d never forgive yourself if something did happen to him and you could have helped. You have a kind soul and to deny that kindness to Jerry isn’t something you should ever do.
    I know it’s not easy, good for you.

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