Good News and a Lot of Things To Do

I had an exam on Thursday, and the teacher emailed me my grade on Friday: it was an eight out of ten. So I’m doing great in my studies 🙂 However, I still have a lot to study: I have some graded homework for Tuesday, and another exam for which I have hardly studied anything on Wednesday. So studying will be my main activity until that day. And after that too, because the following week I’ll have not only one, but two exams! I hope I somehow manage to pass them all.

On other news, the NGO’s program of supported employment for adults with autism has emailed me, and they have scheduled an interview with me for Thursday morning. I’m so excited and hopeful about it! But it won’t be a job interview. They just want to meet me and find out what kind of support I might need to enter the workforce and what sorts of jobs I would be able to perform successfully. Still, it’s a start, and they might find some employment that suits me.

Lastly, I have been doing some volunteering in the last two weeks, both in Anne Frank’s Museum and at Brincar. My activities in the latter one have been helping prepare leisure activities (mainly sports and active games) for teens and young adults with autism. There are many volunteers who do this every Saturday, and most of us are assigned to a boy that we have to play with and look after. It’s been fun and the boys I have worked with were sweet and well behaved, though they had severe communication challenges as they were both non-verbal. I’m looking forward to doing it again next Saturday, and my Mom says she’s really happy that I’m doing this, because even though it’s far from home and I get back pretty late (8:30 pm) she can tell I’m in a very good mood and super energized after it. She’s sure I will eventually find my ideal job and lead a happily independent adult life. It will just take some more time, she says.

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