15 student days left to the end of the school year…I am so looking forward to not hearing my alarm clock for a spell. Each day seems to dray on longer and longer as the end of the school year approaches. 

My son had soccer tryouts last night for the team he’s been with the last few years. Tonight he’s going to tryout for the team that is nearer our new residence. I’m thinking he will be playing for the new team over the old team since he didn’t much care for his coach this season. Ultimately, it’s his choice and I’ll support what ever he wants to do. 

My middle one left her favorite stuffed toy at the field last night. Skunky. Yes, it’s a stuffed skunk toy. We got about half way home and then in a panic she asked if I had it.


And no, I didn’t not go back for it.  She sobbed hysterically in the back of the van the whole way home.

I know. I’m mean. But, several things. First of all, I’m not responsible for her things. I am responsible for getting 3 walking, talking children to and from. Not their toys. I have told them all repeatedly they are responsible for their own things. If you bring it, I’m not carrying it. I have enough to carry. I am not keeping track of it, I’m keeping track of kids. If you can’t carry it or keep track of it, leave it at home. 

Secondly, I have a back up skunk. I have to glue it’s eye back on, which I will do today on my lunch break. 

See, I’m not so mean. 

I mean, I let her suffer last night to teach her a lesson, but I’m not cruel. And, I bet she won’t leave Skunky behind again. 

The little one is a hot mess as always. She has been complaining about a stomach ache but I think she’s a hypochondriac. I swear she’s got a billion ailments and never anything really wrong with her. She just likes to complain…just like her father. 

Speaking of that douche bag, haven’t heard anything from him. I spoke with Jerry over the weekend who seemed to be feeling a bit better. I should give him a call today and check in on him. 

MB’s cough/cold is lingering. I recommended he get himself a steroidal inhaler. The cough is very dry and sounds very much like inflammation of the upper airway. I found 2 at my house which I offered to get to him but he said he found one at his place. 

He spent the weekend with me and it was great. Sat I had to do some running around and he had his sons FB games. When he got to my house that afternoon his need of me was evident and we managed to duck away to enjoy each other. That night we curled up on the recliner watching movies and he pulled me close, and closer. It was a good weekend. 


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