Life, love and Lessons

You live and you learn. Experiences are lessons. Words are many but actions are truths. 

You taught me so much. Your words and your actions. Your selfishness and your drive. Your motivations and your priorities. Your smiles and your cries. 

You’re beautifully flawed just like me and I’m so glad to have been able to encounter your soul briefly. 

The lessons I’ve learned are many and I’m thankful. Life’s not easy and your story says so. It so says be resilient and true to yourself. Be selfish and selfless when necessary. Be strong always. Say less and do more. Pursue what makes  you happy and everything else is secondary. Focus on the goal at times.

I’ve learned that pain is temporary. I’ve also learned that everyone else’s opinion of me and my goals are irrelevant. I’m no one’s obligation and no one is obligated to me. I’m a free spirit just searching for my truths. I’m learning more and more as I go and loving myself more each day. The journey has been rocky, invigorating, painful and fulfilling all at the same time. 

Forever thankful for the life lessons and love. 

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