“What a week”…Me, at 842 on Monday morning

It’s been crazy hectic this week. Besides work every evening and even some mornings have been filled with activities. 

Monday my son had soccer tryouts at Liverpool, the team he’s been playing with for the past 2 years. My middle child forgot her beloved stuffed Skunk there so I had to jump through hoops to get the ‘replacement’ skunks eye glued back on (Thank you to Todd, the school Plant Ops Head who finally took care of that for me!). 

Last night my son tried out at the club closer to our house. The coach pulled me aside after and told me he’d made the B team, but wanted us to come back Wed and try out for the Elite team. 

So after school today the middle one has lego club, then well head home and I’ll shove something in their faces to eat, then back to the soccer field. 

Tomorrow morning My son has running club awards in the morning before school. He won 1st place! WHOOT WHOOT! I know he’s going to be excited! Then we have Focus On achievement back here at the school that evening. It’s basically a “Come see what we did all year” affair. Friday we have a bday party for one of the soccer kids from 6-9 at night. 

Saturday MB’s son has his championship flag football game which we’ll go to. 

I’m tired just thinking about it all. lol. 

Busy Busy.

Oh, today is School Nurses day! The office clerk gave me Vodka in celebration! 

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