Letting go

The pain is present but I’m numb.

Tired of the feelings but proud of myself. 

I miss your voice and our conversations but I don’t miss you dictating the entire “relationship.” 

I guess it was never really that.

Just a figment  of my imagination. 

Something wanted so bad that I made it into something more.

You asked me if I wanted you to be my man and then you barely talk to me for weeks. 

I chose to ignore the red flag.

When I speak to care for myself, you say “I’m not chasing you again.”

… When did you ever chase me? 

I’m the fool who chased you, continuously. 

My value for you is low so it makes sense for me to go. 

It’s undeniable that I miss you but you gave me nothing. 

I poured my heart out to you for no return. 

You said you felt something for me but your actions say different. 

You showed me your true feelings on several occasions but I chose to ignore the red flags. 

You’ve taught me so much about caring for myself. 

Selfishness is a necessity. 

If I don’t love me than you won’t either.

You proved that point.

When I choose me you get angry but you have no fight.

No chase.

It’s easy to let me go.

So, I choose me just like you chose you. 

You didn’t consider my feeling in your decisions so I’ll follow suit. 

It was fun while it lasted but I’ll let you do you and I’ll do me. 

Goodbye my love

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