What is astrology and how it affects everyday life

Astrology is the way to communicate or a language that plays as a bridge between sky and you; astrology has an extensive history in India and has a deep emphasis on Indians life. Astrology depends upon the position of the stars, planet, time and place of birth and it would predict the future of the person. it is not difficult to find best astrologer in India especially.

The best astrologer mode of thinking

Many of the people around the world read horoscope daily, and bookshops filled with astrological books. The internet has sufficient information related to astrology and stars. Indian believes a lot on superstitious, good and bad things that follow in life. Before starting any new things they tend to look for good dates, they check the kundli of girl and a boy before marriages, and there is lot more example which proves the Indian are fond of astrology.

Astrology also involves some recognized rules

Calculation of the birth chart is one of the great examples and requires a great deal of astronomy, and also its interpretation includes standard rules. For instance- Saturn symbolizes slowness; Mars symbolizes activity, etc. although birth chart also contains many more combinations which describe life situations in different scenarios. An astrologer has a full picture of a person; his mental and physical structure and abilities could predict. His professional ethics, work functionality, personality, life partner, love life, married life, children, preferences, difficulties, enterprises and so on.

It is obvious that what are actual responsibilities of an astrologer has, now it depend on the ‘person’s wish what they are looking for if they want to get married and the situation is they are unable to get married, so how it could handle. This situation involves education, ethics, points of view; an astrologer has to consider the hypotheses that underly astrology.

The hypotheses of new astrologers

  1. Stars could not force; they only favor.
  2. The potentiality of the birth chart, what we could aim for.
  3. Birth is a complete coding, and an astrologer has to decode it.
  4. The full chart has some meaning, and all viewpoints are interconnected.

There are many different astrologers in the worlds. Some are famous, and some are just working for their society, there are different schools giving graduate and masters degree in astrology and anatomy. These degrees make the astrologers mind clean and bright, those the calculation of stars become more and stronger. One more reason behind a reliable astrologer is practice, “practice makes the man perfect.” so, why not an astrologer. Degrees are necessary for technical information, but the matter is how much time a person is giving in his profession that makes the real diamond.

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