Do you think of me

I wonder if you think of me. Am I the only one in pain. Did you ever really love me? I guess not if letting me go was so easy. Or was it? Are you angry with me? My decision was selfish but your actions were too. My feelings weren’t a priority nor were they a consideration. I fell last on the list. Or maybe never. You filled me up with promise only to let me down. I look back and see how you led me on and never gave me what I wanted. I didn’t ask for much. I stopped demanding and you stopped prioritizing. You asked me if I wanted you to be my man and I said yes. You took me for granted from that day on. You stopped thinking about me. Maybe you thought I’d never leave.  You thought it was okay that I felt that way. You stopped thinking about me. It was all about you. 

I just keep thinking about how I didn’t even ask for much. I just wanted to hear your voice. I wanted you to facetime me when you could. I wanted you to make love to me but that was almost impossible. I accepted the little bit yu offered and you still stopped thinking about me. I’m not angry with you but you broke my heart. Love, you were my drug. But you stopped thinking about me. So I had to think about myself. 

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